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We can all agree that mushrooms are fantastic for your health and wellbeing, but you’ll hear some people saying take this one for so-and-so, and others saying take this one for that. It can all be a bit overwhelming. So we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you make the right choice…

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If you want to improve your brain function, with better memory and concentration, as well as find relief from the symptoms of anxiety and depression, then Lions Mane is the medicinal mushroom for you. It has the ability to promote neuroplasticity as well as helping to overall strengthen your immune system.

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turkey tail

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This is one of the most prolific of the medicinal mushrooms growing around the world and has been extensively researched, leading to some impressive findings. As well as providing some immune system support, it can reduce inflammation which helps against many common diseases, and it has shown to be especially beneficial in supporting cancer treatments.

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Cordyceps is more closely related to penicillin than it is to a button mushroom, and like penicillin, it has amazing medicinal properties due to being anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It is well known for increasing energy and stamina, and can support sexual healing. It reduces symptoms of ageing due to being an anti-oxidant, and also promotes healthy lungs and the respiratory system.

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Just look at it. So nutrient dense, Chaga is often hailed as one of the most powerful superfoods in the world. Its many benefits include helping to regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well as reducing inflammation which can lead to an improved digestive system and a healthier gut.

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Oft given the title ‘King of the Mushrooms’ Reishi deserves to be revered, dare we say, more than a rich man in a crown. It gives immune system support which means you get ill less often and recover faster, and also helps to calm the mind, leading to better sleep and less fatigue. So treat yourself like royalty and make Reishi part of your daily life.

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The Japanese call this the Dancing Mushroom and a regular dose of this will put a spring back in your step. It can lead to a more resilient immune system, healthy cholesterol and give you a powerful dose of anti-oxidants, many of which have anti-tumour properties. So be sure to make Maitake your dance partner of choice.

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